Online Video is where we will see most future growth

A recent article on Market Watch makes a number of predictions about online in 2007, two of which keep ringing a very loud bell in my head… Online Video Video Video…

We have already seen that sites like YouTube and Google Video have proved exceptionally popular. With bandwidth speeds getting quicker and quicker and new technologies like p2p and divx helping to deliver video quicker and easier than before, clearly the meeting of improved technology and faster downloads with make watching video online second nature by early 2008.

Watch out for new developments like the Venice Project from the guys that brought us Skype, I’ve played with the beta and its and amazing tool. Get on the beta programme if you can!

So here are the comments from Market Watch I mentioned. If you are not already looking at video as an integral part of your online activity, YOU SHOULD BE!

Video is king, plus other predictions

  1. Video will drive online advertising. It’s estimated that about 37% of all marketing dollars go toward commercials. On the Internet, about 2.6% of all advertising is spent on video advertisements. That number is expected to rise to 4% this year, according to eMarketer. Clearly, the gap will close.
  2. The video business will be bigger than print online. In the offline world, the business of video is far larger than the business of print. The market — advertising, cable subscriptions, VOD, pay-per-view, fees, etc. — for television networks/cable and television distribution is roughly $168 billion, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. The market — subscriptions and advertising — for newspapers and magazines is roughly $100 billion.

Podcasting is crowned!

St Edward's CrownThis year for the first time, Britains great Queen Elizabeth will podcast her annual Christmas message! Good work Liz!

Royal fans can now subscribe to have the Queen’s Speech automatically downloaded onto their MP3 players at 3pm on December 25, when it is traditionally broadcast across the Commonwealth.

If anyone tells me that Podcasting has not reached the main stream, I’m gunna stick this in their pipe and make them smoke it!

Advice for Advertising on Podcasts

This week I was asked for advice about advertising for streaming media and podcasts as there seems to be little good advice available out there right now. Traditional approaches regarding copy, content and production that have proven successful for many years in commercial radio should not be forgotten when advertising on Podcasts.

Some thoughts and advice:

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Need to understand everything about Podcasting?

Clearly you need to contact Podcast Voices, or you can consult the PodcastersWiki.

Zune ready to take on iPod - Microsoft vs. Apple

Microsoft plans to spend around $100m on the launch of its new Zune player, which has innovative wifi capabilities, allowing users to share music and podcasts.

Its about time that Microsoft went head to head with Apple - Podcasters need to show the world that Podcasting is NOT just for iPods…. as much as I love my new 80GB Video iPod, Apple should not be allowed to rule the roost….

Portable Media Expo 2006 Pictures

Everybody took loads of great pictures from the Portable Media Expo.

Check them out on flickr: Our Pics | All Podcast & Portable Media Expo 06 Pics

The iPod is 5 today! Keep an eye on portable video….

Yes Yes Yes, the iPod is FIVE today….Who would believe it…. 5 already…. I must be getting old….

Now-a-days you can slip a pretty little black number with 4GB of music and audio podcasts into your pocket and not even feel it or carry a slightly larger 60GB player that plays video too.

Its our advice that you watch these little iPod video babies, because its our predition at Podcast Voices that Video Podcasting is the future. Forget IPTV! RSS delivered Podcast Video, coupled with systems like the portable iPod Video, the up comming Zune and home Windows Media Centre PC’s will enable users to watch what they want to watch, when ever they want to watch it, how ever it is delivered!

Check out articles at the BEEB and MACWORLD for more on the 5th Birthday

Business Week Cover Podcast Voices

In September 2005, Business Week online picked up on Podcast Voices exceptional production capabilities and featured us in this story:

Podcast Voices featured on


One of my favorite geek news sites,, has hired a company called Podcast Voices to do its broadcasts. Basically, Podcast Voices’ professional readers will read the podcast and make it sound no less professional than BBC’s podcast. Independent, amateur podcaster’s are starting to contract for such services, too.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Lonely Planet Walking Guides

Podcast Voices were recently commissioned to record and produce an extensive collection of audio tours for Lonely Planet and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe [SCEE] PSP hand held games console, see press release.

This was a complex task which required exceptionally high quality production of 3 Tours for each of the 6 cities, in 5 different languages. - Tech Podcast Testimonal

The Spodcast luvvies approached me to create Podcast show. Immediately we agreed, our sales agency managed to sign up Sun Microsystems as the key sponsor for our first two episodes. They were obviously as impressed as we were with it and have signed up to 3 more months straight sponsorship! Good work guys, our readers are now becoming loyal “listeners” and it’s become a revenue generator without too much effort from me!

Mad Mike Magee,