New Media Expo merges with BlogWorld creating BlogWorldNewMediaExpo in 2009

The two biggest new media conferences, Blog World Expo and New Media Expo have this week announced that they are to merge into one annual event to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre between the 15 - 17th October 2009.

Friends of Podcast Voices and Video the Podcast Brothers, Tim and Emile Bourquin began the then named Podcast Expo, in 2005. Held at a convention centre near Ontario Airport California the event attracted worldwide attendees from all walks of New Media life. The event changed annually to follow the constantly evolving landscape of New Media. In 2006 it was the Podcast and Portable Media Expo then the Podcast and New Media Expo in 2007. In 2008 it moved controversially to Las Vegas entitled more simply as the New Media Expo.

It’s shows founders known as the ‘Podcast Brothers’ were also responsible for the most popular ‘Podcasters Podcast’ offering in depth insights into the world of new media and podcasting for content producers and businesses alike and we have been supporters here at Podcast Voices and Video from the very beginning.

Blog World Expo’s founder, Rick Calvert, and New Media Expo founder, Tim Bourquin, are long time acquaintances and fellow trade show organizers. On his blog, Bourquin says he is “handing over the reins” of the New Media Expo to Calvert’s team, in order to take that conference “to the next level.” Bourquin calls the combined show “a great move for both attendees and exhibitors.” Calvert, in turn, says the event “will truly be the comprehensive, industry-wide event that Tim and I had both searched for.”

Bourquin’s recent ponderings on his blog revealed his thoughts as to whether the trade show business was worth staying in. Rick Calvert’s Blog World Expo debuted in Autumn 2007 and although not as long established as the New Media Expo has nevertheless been a great success.

Tim Bourquin, speaking about the hand over said “Taking the New Media Expo to the next stage is something I know Rick and his team at BlogWorld can do well. Handing over the reigns of the New Media Expo to the passionate and capable team at BlogWorld is going to allow me even more time to develop several podcasting sites I’ve been working on for a while.”

In our opinion, combining these two future looking events is bound to further increase the horizons of professional podcasters and bloggers in the future and Podcast Voices and Video  will be there to make sure our clients are kept in the loop about the latest developments in online media from around the world.